Co-Director with Bethany Clemens, Producer, Director of Photography, Lead Editor, Actress
Best Experimental in the Concordia Film Festival 2020
Best Decoration in Hallucinea Film Festival in Paris 2021
Best Direction of an Experimental Film in St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase 2021
Best Experimental in Kinematifest in St. Louis 2021
Midwest Film Festival Chicago 2022
Grrl Haus Cinema Film Festival in Boston 2021
The Gathering Film Screening at The Luminary in St. Louis 2021
Paris Play Film Festival 2020
Vortex Film Festival in Mexico City 2020
VASTLAB Experimental Film Festival in Los Angeles 2020
Blow-Up International Art House FilmFest in Chicago 2020
International Art Film Festival in London 2020

Director of Photography and Editor
In collaboration with: Lilja Rose Michaud

Director of Photography and Post Production Producer 

St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase 2018

Director of Photography and Editor

Weigh Station dance show 2021

Director, Cinematographer, Editor 

Back to Our Roots Exhibition 2020

Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Assistant Camera: Mallory Ingles and Justin Kappy Schmidt

Cinematographer, Editor

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Actress, Director, Editor: Bethany Clemens

Cinematographer and Editor

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